About Jae Shin (Jaee)


"I paint or sketch what I have seen, imagined, experienced or what I hope for."  Jae Shin (Jaee)

(Find "JAEE" in the paintings for artist's authograph.)

Jae has developed a desire for being an artist while working part time at a fine art gallery during her college years.  However, she did not pursue her vision of being an artist then.  Instead, she took a career as a professional picture framer.  While working, she observed numerous artworks from many countries, cultures, styles, genres and different eras.  After years of trials, practice and developments, she reached her own way to her dream, called to be an artist. 
One year, she entered her paintings to a local major group show, and sold her first painting.  From then on, her artworks appear at many group shows and solo exhibitions. 

Through her paintings, the viewers can take their own imaginary journey and  seek  messages of happiness, freedom, love, peace, unity, joy, favorite color, humor, breakthrough ,endless possibilities, frustration, sorrow, loneliness, hope, faith, loyalty, longing, fear, courage, miracle, world peace, or whatever touches the viewers.

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