Sunflowrs, one of Jaee's favorite subject matter, are symbols of happiness, strength, and love of the sun. Sunflowers also symbolize loyalty and longevity, and, to some, faith. Jae paints in a semi-surreal abstract style in an imaginary journey to the mountains, the sky, under the water, the space and beyond. She leaves the interpretation to the viewers. In fact, she does not expect all the viewers to see sunflowers in her paintings at all. The viewers could see completely different objects. Through her paintings, Jae would like to convey messages of freedom, love, peace, unity, favorite color, joy, break-through, endless possibilities, frustration, sorrow, loneliness, hope, faith, loyalty, longing, fear, courage, miracle, world peace, or whatever the viewer senses 

*These are all acrylic paintings

* Availabilities and Prices are subject to change. 

* If you are interested in a work that is not available, the aritst may paint again upon request: however, it will not turn the same.

Smile 16 X 12 $300

Smile 16 X 12 $300

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